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Getting to know the Basics of Medicare

Medicare has become a major part of the American way since being legislated in 1965. Medicare is typically for people over the age of 65, but also covers American’s under the age of 65 if they meet certain criteria. It is growing rapidly, increasing over 1.7 million enrolled from 2006 to 2008.

Medicare has many different plans to choose from depending on your health and what you need that will benefit you. Medicare has been known to be a righteous resource for older Americans over all the years, because it provides the healthcare needed for those individuals who aren’t in a position to afford other costly insurance.

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Beginning Enrollment period for Medicare Supplements

There is only one open enrollment period for Medicare Supplement Insurance. This differs from the normal Medicare open enrollment period that happens once every year. There is typically a 6-month open enrollment period for the Medicare Supplement Insurance.

There are two general ways to qualify for the Medicare Supplement Insurance.

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