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Medicare Supplement Plans in Michigan

Michigan Medicare beneficiaries who choose original Medicare (Part A & B) often find that the coverage doesn’t cover all their health expenses.  They find that they are stuck with a part A deductible & a coinsurance under part B.  Exact details can be found by visiting Medicare.gov, or we can help you with a better understanding by calling us.  Most beneficiaries in Michigan opt to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan to cover the excess charges. 

The recommended time to enroll in a Michigan Medicare Supplement plan (medigap plan) is during Open Enrollment Period.  Click the link to learn more about the Open Enrollment Period.  Choosing to purchase a plan during this time ensures that you cannot be rejected coverage, or surcharged due to pre-existing conditions.

Here’s how YOU find a plan that fits your needs best

Each letter type has the same consistent coverage no matter which carrier you choose.  The prices however vary greatly depending on which carrier you choose.  Work with an independent agent like ours and we will compare rates with multiple carriers to find the best match.  Price isn’t the only thing that matters.  Call us to discuss this further.  You can also fill out our request form and we can send you information through mail, or email.